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The brain receives 15% of the total blood pumped by the heart and utilizes 20% of the body’s total oxygen consumption.  Brain cells thrive on oxygen, and ample supply of oxygen is critical for the brain to function properly.  Similarly, the spinal cord is sensitive to disruptions of oxygen supply due to a relative lack of collateral circulation.  

Common among the neurological conditions is lack of oxygen due to impairment of circulation. Oxygen deprivation leads to swelling, inflammation, and cell death.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy supplies large amounts of oxygen (up to 20 times) to areas with compromised circulation to stop the damage, initiate repair, and preserve the viability of healthy brain tissue.  Oxygen also aids in nerve regeneration by promoting the growth and differentiation of neural stem cells.  Lost function is regained through formation of new connections among the newly-differentiated and surviving nerve cells.  In addition to functional recovery, hyperbaric oxygenation also creates more resilient nerve cells and protects against re-occurrence of disabling clinical events such as stroke.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays a major role in neurorehabilitation and can help restore motor, sensory, and cognitive function even if the injury was sustained months or years ago.  

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