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Casefile - Cellulitis

Casefile: Cellulitis

Male, 57 years old with history of recurrent cellulitis over last 6 years reported to hyperbaric unit 4 days after wounds opened.  He was prescribed antibiotics two days prior to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He is suffering from hypertension and has been diagnosed as a borderline diabetic.

Client received 12 hyperbaric oxygen sessions over 14 days. Sessions were given at 2.0 ATA pressure of medical oxygen. Lower treatment pressure was decided due to clients hypertension. Each session was 90 minutes long and was given in mono-place oxygen flow hyperbaric chamber. Overall inflammation and swelling were reduced and wound closed over the two weeks of the therapy. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally recommended in peripheral vascular problems for wound healing, infection control, inflammation control and swelling.

Before hyperbaric therapy

After 8 hyperbaric sessions

After 12 hyperbaric sessions

At two month follow up


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