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Sports Injuries

Sports injury


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes recovery from sports injuries by im mediately providing high concentration of oxygen to all tissues with greatest benefit for the areas that have been cut off from proper circulation, due to injury such as damaged tendons and muscles.

Early hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces tissue swelling thru the mechanism of vasoconstriction and improved lymphatic circulation.

Swelling of the brain as a result of trauma or brain injury is reduced with oxygen and oxygenation of the brain centres that have been cut off from circulation is improved.

Systemic inflammation is reduced with hyperbaric oxygen thru the mechanism of down regulation of pro-inflammatory agents.

Improved blood circulation with hyperbaric oxygen prevents accumulation of lactic acid causing muscle pain, cramps and fatigue that can lead to injuries and exercise exhaustion.

Performance enhancement with oxygen reduces fatigue and repairs minor injuries during training.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy:

An absolute key component of optimal physical and mental health is oxygen. Oxygen therapy is a natural way to cope with the effects of ageing, illnesses, injury or overexertion. 
  • shortens recovery time after extreme exercise, injury or surgery
  • revitalizes by improving blood flow and oxygen to all organs
  • regenerates small blood vessels (capillaries), nerves and bones
  • rejuvenates by releasing stem cells from bone marrow for tissue repair
  • reduces pain, swelling, tingling, cramps, numbness
  • suppresses inflammation
A few sessions of oxygen therapy at an early point may reduce the risk of complications and need for a long-term therapy.


Hyperbaric oxygen is used for:
Breathing pure oxygen under pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber is used to initiate healing responses in a natural way without side effects. 

  • improved performance
  • increased strength
  • enhanced endurance
  • energy boost preventing exhaustion
  • reducing inflammation, swelling, pain
  • reducing fatigue and recovery time
  • speeding up healing of muscles, ligaments and fractured bones
  • reducing and preventing infection
  • reducing scar tissue formation
  • cleansing blood from toxins and toxic substances
  • maintaining general health
  • many acute and chronic problems (please see medical index)

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