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Surgical recovery

Recovery after surgery

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) has earned most of its acceptance and successful reputation in orthopedic and plastic surgical conditions. Almost any delayed surgical wound healing or compromised grafting will have much higher chances of survival in enriched oxygen tissue.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recognized today not only as effective adjunctive therapy in the management of: complicated post surgical conditions but also compartment syndrome; crush injury; skin grafts and flaps; osteomyelitis; thermal burns, frost bites and threatened re-plantations but also as a routine preventative measure. In osteoradionecrosis prophylaxis HBO improves osseointegration for 81% and survival of titanium implants and bone grafting after radiation therapy.

With hyperbaric oxygen therapy  graft survival increases by 75 % and post surgical complications are significantly reduced.

Post surgical hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely valuable in speeding up the healing and reducing recovery time. Although medical insurance coverage which is governed by Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society Committee recommendations would cover only the compromised skin graft or flap the preventive use of hyperbaric oxygen in cosmetic and plastic surgery is increasingly popular. Complications such as swelling, inflammation, infection and scarring are reduced which was proven from numerous wound healing studies. Oxygen can cleanse the body from anesthetics, strengthen the effect of medication and reduce side effect. All these attributes in faster healing are cost effective and best results are achieved with early and frequent oxygen treatment following the surgery.

Pre surgery oxygen therapy or conditioning  is important in people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems and its main goal is to prepare the body for surgical intervention, reduce possible complications and aid in tissue repair.

The benefit of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in orthopedic conditions:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen raises oxygen content and oxygen transport to all tissue and improves cellular metabolism
  • Relieves pain and stiffness by improving local circulation
  • Reduces swelling by vasoconstriction, which in turn causes reapsorption of tissue fluids and increase of microcirculation
  • Enhances bone healing: improves the osetoclast and osteoblast activity, improves bone mineralization and bone density
  • Improves microcirculation by neovascularization
  • Suppresses inflammation, improving infection control and increasing the effect of antibiotic therapy
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces fibrous tissue and scar formation
  • Enhances peripheral nerve regeneration
  • Improves post surgery recovery (by all of the above)
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Case file:  Surgical recovery

A healthy 45 year old pilot sustaining serious blast injuries while helping evacuate a burning hotel in Mexico.

Surgical recovery

I received hyperbaric oxygen treatments at BaroMedical clinic in Burnaby during August and September of 2021. My arm was badly broken and the bone still wasn’t healing at the six month point, even after surgery. After one month of IV drips at the naturopath coupled with daily hyperbaric oxygen treatments at BaroMedical, the bone finally started to heal. If it weren’t for BaroMedical, I’m not sure what I would have done! On top of the excellent results I achieved, I cannot say enough about the high degree of professionalism and empathy I saw from the staff and doctors alike. Every single person there went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and well looked after at all times. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs top-notch medical care.


Surgical recovery

 J B,  Vancouver, BC

"Helpful in my recovery from surgery. Everyone comments on the speed of recovery. Convenient scheduling and excellent attention to detail including the entertainment options."

Severe Ulcerative Breast Cancer

Nancy P, Tofino BC

"I will always be grateful to BaroMedical for taking me on as a client. I had an ulcerating breast tumour with severe MRSA infection and had almost bled to death on numerous occasions. Thanks to the hyperbaric treatment s (with the help of naturopathic therapies and an anti-estrogen drug), my breast tumour is skrinking, the bleeding has stopped and the infection is all but gone.
Not many clinics would have agreed to help me in the severe condition that I was in. My sincerest thanks to everyone at BaroMedical for their help."

Surgical Recovery

Brad L, - Coquitlam BC

"… It took me three weeks to recover with oxygen after my left hip surgery compared to three months when my right hip was operated…"


Laurie and Ewan S., -Burnaby

"We were both very impressed at the clean and uncluttered facility. The staff is supportive and well informed. I have (and will continue) informed many of the benefits of HBO. Ewan's recovery post-cardiac surgery is really impressive and I’ll put it down to the “chamber”. While he was being treated, I was being educated! That was enjoyable. Thank you all so much."


Sherry H., - Trail BC

"... my surgeon [Dr. DG] was impressed with the results of the hyperbaric therapy."

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