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Pain Management


Injuries to the body often manifest initially as pain.  Pain can be elicited by introduction of an unpleasant (noxious) stimulus, by swelling and inflammation, and by abnormal nerve function. Continuous noxious stimulation creates areas of pain hypersensitivity in the brain (central sensitization), lowering the pain threshold.  Swelling and inflammation compress surrounding capillaries and small blood vessels, creating a hypoxic environment.  The lack of oxygen triggers further release of signaling molecules responsible for swelling and inflammation.  Chronic abnormal signal conduction due to damaged nerves eventually leads to altered brain activity and abnormal pain processing.    

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can effectively break the vicious cycle of pain and microcirculatory impairment.  Large amounts of oxygen dissolved in the blood cause vasoconstriction and decreased swelling.  At the same time, much needed oxygen is delivered to the injured tissues to suppress inflammation and initiate healing.  Within damaged nerves, the oxygen-rich blood normalizes metabolism and corrects abnormal signal conduction.  Oxygen also aids in nerve regeneration by promoting the growth and differentiation of neural stem cells.  Normal brain activity is eventually restored with normalization of pain processing.   With continued hyperbaric oxygenation, the microcirculation is rebuilt to ensure consistent and adequate supply of oxygen, creating healthy and resilient tissues.

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