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Concussion recovery

Are you struggling with concussion ?

Have you been struggling with headache, brain fog, and other mental issues since accidentally hitting your head during a vehicular accident or a sports game? Have you been debilitated for months or years despite undergoing numerous treatments? Let Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy help you on your road to recovery and get you back in the game!

Post-concussion syndrome is a poorly understood and underdiagnosed condition. Up to 90% of concussion victims experience varying degrees of mental and physical difficulty a few weeks after their injury. Even more alarming, 25% fail to recover and have trouble getting back to their daily routine. Majority do not return to full-time employment. Perhaps you are in a similar situation.

Concussion (also called mild traumatic brain injury) results in diffuse brain injury undetectable through conventional tests such as CT scan and MRI. In contrast to these tests, SPECT brain imaging clearly shows decreased blood flow to regions responsible for cognitive functions such as memory, attention, planning and execution, problem solving, and decision making, among others. Decreased blood flow results in decreased brain activity, which manifests as post-concussion syndrome.

Unfortunately, conventional medical treatment focuses on symptom relief and relies mainly on rest, pain relievers, and gradual resumption of routine activities. You have undoubtedly tried all these measures to no avail. Likewise, you might have undergone neurocognitive rehabilitation with limited success.

To appropriately address the lingering effects of concussion, treatment should be directed at the root of the problem. Brain activity and function must be restored by increasing blood flow to oxygen-deprived areas. To this end, hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers much-needed oxygen to the brain and promotes mental and physical recovery from post-concussion syndrome, even if the injury was sustained years ago.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works by efficiently dissolving large amounts of oxygen in the liquid portion of our blood (called plasma). The oxygen is then delivered to stunned areas of the brain, restoring activity and promoting growth of new blood vessels in these areas. With repeated therapy sessions the stunned areas reawaken and brain fog disappears, enabling you to resume your normal activities without restriction.

Patience and commitment are essential as hyperbaric oxygen therapy requires time to create the optimum environment for your brain to heal and recover from concussion. You will typically experience a slow and steady improvement during the course of therapy, though it is not surprising to experience a sudden breakthrough after a period of quiescence.

You don’t have to be debilitated for the rest of your life. You can still get your life back, as did numerous of our concussion clients.

Don’t let past injury hold back your future. Let hyperbaric oxygen therapy help you achieve a healthier state of mind and body so you can live life to the fullest. 

Call now to learn more and book an appointment!

Will you choose to live with your symptoms…Or will you choose to be better?

“It is as though I have ‘been away’ and now ‘I am back’. I am thinking again, I have a feeling of ‘joy for living’ again. I am no longer just going through the motions with a heavy ‘sigh’ every moment of the day. It is so difficult to use words to describe what has happened to me.”

“After a few sessions I found it way easier to sleep and have a healthy sleep cycle. Became more active and less depressed.”

 “It reduced the severity and frequency of my headaches.”

“Great service and treatment option that helped recovery time and managing daily loads/stressors. Helped increase good days and decrease bad days – overall improvement in symptoms.”

“After I got twice head injury, I found hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the best help for me.”

“I can’t seem to concentrate.”

“I have a hard time making decisions now.”

“My brain has slowed down.”

“I am always tired.”

“I can’t shake off this feeling of sadness.”

“I have lost interest in almost everything.”

“I have trouble organizing my thoughts.”

 “I’ve been struggling for the last couple of years.  I feel depressed.”

“My head always hurts.”

 “I can’t explain it but I haven’t felt normal/well since I got injured.”

 “I don’t sleep well at night.”

“Bright lights make my head hurt.” 

Concussion recovery

L W,  Vancouver, BC

"My strength and energy have improved tremendously and the pain has diminished considerably with more and more days when I have no pain at all...

Many thanks to all staff at BaroMedical!"

Concussion recovery 
Joy D, - White Rock

"I truly hope others will find the breakthrough that I have found ..."

Concussion recovery - NHL
Willie M, - Vancouver

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