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Chronic cluster headaches

Chronic cluster headaches and migraine

Migraine headache is defined as: severe periodic, unilateral, pulsatile headache associated with nausea, sickness, vomiting and photophobia.

Factors that often precipitate attack are environmental triggers such as emotional stress, strenuous physical exercise, too much sleep or sleep deprivation, some foods (chocolate, aged cheese, nuts), alcohol (red wine), medical conditions and medications (anti-hypertensive drugs, contraceptive, nitroglycerin).

In the pathogenesis of migraine headaches, vascular and biochemical changes play important roles. The first phase is vasospasm accompanied by reduction in blood flow causing ischemia and edema of intracranial vessels, followed by the second phase of vasodilatation (extra-cranial vessels) with hyperemia (an increased amount of blood in a part or organ) and platelet aggregation that impairs microcirculation leading to pain.

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Committee does not include migraine headaches on the list of approved indications for the insurance reimbursements. However, published reports that have found the relief of migraine and cluster headache with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) are claiming the vasoconstrictive effect of hyperbaric oxygen is more effective and naturally healthier than vasoconstrictive drugs.

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Migraine and other chronic headaches:

  • Relieves pain by improved oxygenation of the brain
  • Improves blood flow and microcirculation in the brain
  • Reduces swelling of the brain caused by inflammatory response
  • Decreases platelet aggregation (possibility of blood clotting)
  • Reduces chances of further headache attacks
  • Boosts energy

Best results with hyperbaric oxygen is obtained when person is treated while having a migraine attack which is usually hard to achieve. As reported by Fife and Fife in 1989 who treated 26 patients with migraine headaches by hyperbaric oxygen with pressures up to 2.4 atm the pain was relieved within minutes of exposure. Cluster headaches also respond to normobaric (breathing pure oxygen at normal pressure) and  hyperbaric oxygen. Mechanisms and published references to those who are interested to read more are listed below.

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