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Fee schedule

BaroMedical 2015 fee schedule 

Initial consultation . $   70
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy 60 min : $ 210
. 90 min : $ 290
Microcirculation assessment . $ 275
All fees subject to 5% GST and payment by cash, cheque, debit or e-transfer

Prepaid package discounts 

10%: Prepay 10 sessions and receive 1 extra session
15%: Prepay 20 sessions and receive 3 extra sessions

Insurance coverage

Your medical service plan or extended health care insurance may cover the cost of hyperbaric therapy and other services listed in the schedule.  Check with your plan provider to make arrangements for direct reimbursements.

Q: I found a local spa or health professional offering "hyperbaric services" at a different price level. Why does the cost of hyperbaric services differ?

AWhen evaluating hyperbaric services it is important to compare apples to apples.  The cost will depend on the chamber type used to provide the services and the facility staffing.  Generally the more expensive therapies involve doctor supervised therapy in oxygen filled chambers at pressures up to 3 atm.

BaroMedical has invested in premium technology with the highest degree of safety record on the market to offer our clients effective and comfortable oxygen therapy.  We use Sechrist oxygen flow-through chambers, rated more effective and safer compared to air compressed chambers.

We also use state-of-the-art in-chamber oximetry measures to validate the amount of extra oxygen that your body absorb. 

 Therapy comparison should be made on:

  • Equal length therapy time, ie. time breathing pure oxygen, not just compressed air which will dilute the oxygen concentration
  • Equal maximum pressure, ie. the maximum pressure of oxygen.  Chambers capable of reaching pressures above 2 atmospheres require special safety approval and are more expensive to operate and maintain.
  • Equal flow and mixture of gas, ie. 100% oxygen compressed chamber with a flow of 500 liters per minute is very different from an air compressed chamber having a maximum mask flow of only 10 liters per minute.

 When looking for hyperbaric services ask questions about: equipment certifications, treatment protocols and personnel training.

  • Health Canada requires a Medical Device License on all therapeutic equipment distributed in Canada.   Very few chamber types are approved (see and search for Device Name: hyperbaric chamber)
  • Local safety authorities will require Operational Licenses to be issued for individual chambers and facility installations. It is mandatory to have Operational Licenses on display at the facility similar to any applicable business licenses.
  • Therapy time counts only during oxygen exposure.  Breathing air under pressure will dilute the effect of oxygen and increase the amount of absorbed nitrogen.
  • Effective therapy requires daily sessions to initiate the body’s own healing response

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