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Therapy Procedures and Cost Comparison

At BaroMedical, our hyperbaric oxygen therapy programs are meticulously crafted to enhance recovery outcomes while minimizing the duration of recovery. Below, we detail our therapy procedures and cost comparison:

Initial consultation  (45-60 min)

Every client interested in BaroMedical's oxygen programs must undergo an initial consultation. During this session, our healthcare professionals, specialized in hyperbaric medicine, gather pertinent data to identify any contraindications. Please note that while we conduct a thorough assessment, we do not offer medical advice, recommendations, diagnoses, or medication prescriptions. Should any concerns arise, we will refer you back to your healthcare team.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Procedures

Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy programs are tailored to individual needs, with each session supervised by healthcare professionals trained in hyperbaric medicine.

Hyperbaric Technology at BaroMedical 

We utilize state-of-the-art Sechrist oxygen flow-through chambers, renowned for their excellence in hyperbaric technology. These chambers hold Health Canada Medical Device Licences and BC Safety Authority's Operational Permits, meeting stringent Canadian requirements. Additionally, our chambers undergo annual servicing by professional technicians from the manufacturer in California.

Technology Differences: Oxygen vs. Air filled chambers:

BaroMedical employs hyperbaric chambers filled with 100% medical-grade oxygen, ensuring optimal oxygen exposure without the risk of nitrogen exposure present in air-filled chambers. 

Our chambers deliver pure medical-grade oxygen at a rate of up to 500 liters per minute, providing a clean and safe environment for therapy.

In contrast, air-filled chambers rely on air compressors and filters to deliver local air, requiring meticulous maintenance to uphold air purity. Oxygen delivery in these chambers is typically lower, posing a risk of nitrogen exposure and diluting the therapy's positive effects.

Advantages of Oxygen-Filled Chambers

Oxygen-filled chambers offer significant advantages, delivering over 30 times the oxygen available in air-filled chambers. Furthermore, our chambers can operate at up to 3 atmospheres, providing intense therapy sessions. Oxygen-filled chambers allow maximal therapeutic effects on both skin and lungs, unlike air-filled chambers where nitrogen exposure dilutes oxygen exposure.

To learn more about these differences, visit our website's "Hyperbaric technologies explained" section.

We encourage prospective clients to visit BaroMedical and other providers to make an informed decision regarding their hyperbaric healthcare team.


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