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Multiple Sclerosis complications

Multiple Sclerosis related complications

“Although HBOT does not cure MS, my impression was that it provided significant symptomatic relief and delayed or decreased progression.“

Dr. Maxfield, MD - Florida, 2005

Multiple sclerosis related complications

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, progressive, degenerative disease of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).  MS is demonstrated as a loss of myelin (a protective sheet of protein and lipids covering the nerve fibers) leading to improper distribution of nerve signals which can cause: tremor (shaking), extreme weakness, numbness, paralysis, in-coordination, visual impairment, bowel and bladder dysfunction.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

multiple sclerosis demyelinization

Hyperbaric Oxygen in nervous system problems:

  • Reduces muscle spasticity
  • Relieves numbness (improves regeneration of peripheral nerves) and allows better sensitivity
  • Increases energy level and exercise capacity (helps in better outcome of physical therapy)
  • Reduces fatigue and tremor
  • Improves mobility and coordination

Hyperbaric Oxygen in bladder and bowel problems:

  • Reduces bladder spasticity (muscle tension), urinary urgency and frequency
  • Increases bladder capacity, muscle strength and improves bladder emptying (coordination in relaxation and contraction of the muscle)
  • Increases bowel movement by strengthening and regulating rectal sphincter control
  • Prevents infection to occur by generally strengthening immune system and increasing capacity to fight infection by enhancing antibiotics activity, directly killing bacteria or indirectly helping in leukocyte killing mechanism
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Dr. Maxfield: “Although HBOT does not cure MS, my impression was that it provided significant symptomatic relief and delayed or decreased progression.

Maxfield,W. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Mutiple Sclerosis: My Experience. 2005 Journal of American Physicians and Surgeon. Vol10(4)


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"Loved everyone and found them kind, thoughtful and compassionate. Everyone had a different perspective based on their medical background which I found particularly helpful as I am trying to cure myself. Thank you for all that loves."

Multiple Sclerosis recovery

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Professional Athletes Therapist,  Olympia, WA, USA

"My health results from my HBOT sessions have exceeded what I thought was possible. Thank you for believing in natural health care. friends."

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