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Preparation for hyperbaric oxygen therapy


  1. Wear undergarments that are made of 100% cotton to decrease static electricity.
  2. Do not drink carbonated beverages within one hour prior to the HBOT session to avoid stomach pain.
  3. Avoid caffeine-containing foods and beverages.
  4. Do not smoke to ensure better effectiveness of therapy. Smoking counteracts the beneficial effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  5. Do not drink alcoholic beverages to avoid seizures. Alcohol also compromises healing and weakens the immune system.
  6. Inform the therapist if you did not sleep through the night before.
  7. Please inform your therapist if any of your medications have changed since your last visit.
  8. Do not eat a meal within 2 hours before the therapy.

Report to the staff any medical device attached or implanted to or in your body: 

❑ Hearing aid
❑ Infusion pump
❑ Pacemaker
❑ Electrical stimulator
❑ Cochlear implant
❑ Other electronic assistive devices


Due to the nature of the hyperbaric environment, certain items that are flammable and can easily produce a spark and start a fire are NOT allowed inside the chamber. Fires from this source are of catastrophic magnitude. Your safety is our priority at all times. Here are the items which are not allowed to be brought in the chamber. Sometimes, a client search is warranted to ensure safety.

  1. Wool or man-made fibers
  2. Plastic-based dressing materials and ointments or lotions that are petroleum, Vaseline or alcohol-based.
  3. Matches and lighters; cigarettes (e-cigs/vapor cigarettes)
  4. Any material with Velcro attachments
  5. Battery-operated items and personal gadgets such as MP3 players, tablets, toys, hand-warmers or chemical heating pads
  6. All flammable materials
  7. Metallic objects (watches, money, jewelry, etc.)
  8. Reading materials
  9. Oils and grease especially from street clothes and shoes
  10. Hairspray and hair products
  11. Make-up, perfume, after-shave, colognes
  12. Dentures that are lose and can come off easily causing choking
  13. Contact lenses
  14. Hearing Aids

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