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Testimonial: Relax Your Heart

Relax your Heart

Mending broken hearts with hyperbaric oxygen

Despite the initial success of a five-way bypass and additional arterial stent implant, Mr. O’Conner’s (name changed for privacy) was still suffering “unbelievable” chest (angina) pain, pinning him down and away from his usual active lifestyle. Even just getting out of the house and down to the backyard was starting to resemble a bad day on a Himalayan expedition in terms of his heart being deprived of oxygen. And it was not getting any better.

Mr. O’Conner’s experience is not unique. A rapidly increasing population of people with diabetes is facing similar cardiovascular problems with the same denominator – oxygen starving tissues. Recently, health centres have been adapting hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as an effective treatment modality in cardiovascular problems and other medical conditions

In Mr. O’Conner’s case, oxygen therapy quickly became an obvious choice as he noticed temporary pain relief while breathing oxygen from a mask during his frequent hospital visits. To maximize the oxygen effect Mr. O’Conner entered an HBOT program where the whole body is saturated with oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. Typical course of 20 hyperbaric oxygen treatments increases by eight-fold the number of stem cells circulating in a patient’s body.

As Mr. O’Conner commenced on the oxygen therapy he quickly realized that something powerful was going on. Not only did the pain subside within a week of therapy, he also felt tremendously energized and ready to take on life again. After the initial 15 sessions his improvement was quite remarkable. Toxins and residues from the many medications he had been taking over the years were “washed out”. As he could not take any chances after having chest pain for so long he signed on for another 5 preventive sessions. At the end he felt “Like a million bucks”. He walked up to 20 minutes straight, even uphill – without the assistance of micro-spray of any kind. Mr. O’Conner’s case of chronic angina pain reduced with supplemental oxygen is an example of preventive care, says Dr. Kallesoe. In his own words “Preventive care is a health investment. Everything else is secondary. After all, without a healthy mind and body nothing else really matters”.


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