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Testimonial: Stroke recovery

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   "Oxygen helped me tremendously in recovery from my stroke. I was in hospital for three months and nothing happened. Then even after one therapy I felt better and after two I was getting out of bed on my own. 

   After 4 I was standing and then things just took off. I was walking with a walker and after 12 hyperbaric therapies I was walking with a cane. 

   I don't know where I would be now without help of oxygen. I am convinced oxygen works. And as far as my doctor goes, I think he is convinced too, but he can't say it openly.
   I can’t thank you enough BaroMedical!" 

John C. - Pitt Meadows, BC


   "I brought my dad to Baromedical hyperbaric clinic on the stretcher that was carried by paramedics. I had hard time getting him for a daily oxygen therapy from a hospital where he had very little progress for three months after stroke. 

   My dad had amazing recovery from the beginning. In one month he was independent and his brain is sharper than before stroke. No more hospital visits. 

   My family and I have been very happy with treatment at Baromedical and we are recommending this therapy to everyone."

Kevin C. Pitt Meadows, BC


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