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Testimonial - Surgical recovery

Nov 19, 2008

Hello Dr. Sanja

I thought I should update you on what has happened with me. On November 5th Dr. DG removed my implant. Today I had an appointment with Dr. DG to have my staples removed. He was very impressed with how well I am healing and he truly believes that a lot of this is due to my having hyperbaric treatment. He told me that often after a surgery like this there will be infection later on. He explained a few other things that could have happened. He also told me that the necrosis was barely touching the implant but he had to remove the implant because of this. I was so close to being able to keep it. He was impressed with the results of the hyperbaric therapy.

I am very happy that I was able to receive this therapy. I will always remember my time there. You were all so very kind to me. Hopefully I will be able to return for my "tune up".

Thanks again.

Sherry H.
Trail BC
Nov 21, 2008

Thanks for responding. It is so nice to hear from you.

I think that as a result of what my plastic surgeon has seen, he just may recommend hyperbaric now. We can only hope. He seemed surprised as to how well I healed and I imagine he does a lot of these surgical procedures.

Yes, feel free to use my testimonial but please add that even before seeing my doctor, I knew there was a benefit. My depression lifted and I was feeling better each day. I talked to Michael (my sister's boyfriend who is the doctor in L.A.) He also said that his patients have told him that depression was gone after receiving therapy.

Thanks again. Sherry, Trail BC

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