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Stem Cells

Stem Cells

This [hyperbaric oxygen] is the safest way clinically to increase stem cell circulation, far safer than any of the pharmaceutical options.

Dr. Thom, MD
Univeristy of Pennsylvania, 2006

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy rejuvenates and regenerates by releasing stem cells. Researchers at Pennsylvania School of Medicine, lead by Dr. Stephen Thom, have shown the release of stem cells from bone marrow in people receiving hyperbaric oxygen. This can increase stem cell concentration circulating by eight-fold (800%).

Stem cells exist in our bone marrow and are capable of changing their nature to become part of many different organs and tissues. When they move from the bone marrow to injured sites they differentiate into cells to assist in healing and rebuilding tissue.

The movement of stem cells can also be triggered by pharmaceutical drugs however, these drugs are associated with a variety of side effects whereas hyperbaric oxygen treatments are safe and basically natures own oxygen in high concentrations.

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Julie Cvijic
Medical Easthtician,Vie Dermaclinic, Vancouver

"For all who care about their health and well being, oxygen therapy should be a choice of prevention and protection from serious problems. I find BaroMedical's oxygen therapy very helpful and rejuvenating and I look forward to my next visit."

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