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Stroke recovery

Are you struggling with stroke ?

Stroke recovery with hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

“After 35 sessions I am back to work now playing my instrument professionally.  Could not be more grateful!” 

“I don’t know where I would be now without the help of oxygen.”

 “I got my driver’s license back!”

 “The treatments enabled me to use my hands to play my accordion for short periods.  Driving has become less difficult for short trips as well.”

 “Came in on wheelchair.  After more than 20 treatments, able to walk somewhat.  Was numb but mostly gone now.”

 “I am very happy to be able to work and speak again.”

“Sensitivity in right hand and foot increased.  Strength and coordination of hands and fingers made a noticeable improvement.  Control of balance improved.  Feels as if affected side after stroke is starting to awaken.”

“After 30 sessions, my memory and speech have greatly improved.”

“I am better with walking, even when I’m tired.  I have more strength with my hand and arm.”

The above situations sound familiar to you?

Living with disability is difficult. More than 400,000 Canadians are living with long-term stroke disability. Faced with the prospect of lifelong dependence for activities as basic and routine as self-care, stroke survivors do everything they can to regain even just a fraction of their previous capability. You no doubt share the same sentiment, driving you to work tirelessly with your physical, occupational, and speech therapists in the hope of achieving some degree of recovery.

You may think you have exhausted all available measures in your pursuit of recovery. Still, there is one fundamental therapy you can do to enhance the various exercise therapies and boost your potential for recovery - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

High quality evidence shows hyperbaric oxygen therapy can promote functional recovery after stroke. Remarkably, the therapy helps even if the stroke occurred years ago and protects the brain against stroke reoccurrences. It works by efficiently delivering large amounts of oxygen to the brain, vital to the repair and regeneration of stroke-damaged areas. Over time you slowly regain strength and sensation, along with a brighter mood.

Similar to other therapies, patience and commitment are essential as progress takes place one step at a time. Recovering from stroke is not an easy journey, but understand and take heart in knowing that even the smallest improvement can decrease the burden for both you and your family, and improve your quality of life.

Stroke recovery frustrations:

“I can’t move my arm/leg.”

 “I can’t feel half of my body.”

 “I drag my foot when I walk.” 

“I can’t put on my own clothes.” 

“I rely on another person to help me get up from bed and move around.” 

 “My doctor said I have no chance of moving my arm/leg again.”

 “I’ve been doing physical and occupational therapy for months and I still can’t use my arm/leg.”

 “I’ve been struggling for the last couple of years.  I feel depressed.”

 “I recovered from a mild stroke/TIA but I’m worried I might get another one.”

These are stories shared to us by some of our stroke clients. They all started out the same - disabled because of stroke - and they gave themselves a better chance to recover. Similar to them, do you wish to achieve a healthier, more productive state of mind and body?

Let hyperbaric oxygen therapy help you on your road to recovery.

Call now to learn more and book an appointment!

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Stroke Recovery
Doug S. - Coquitlam

“Just a few months ago I had a stroke and was in a hospital. I couldn’t talk and use my right arm and was in a wheelchair, not improving much.  My doctor suggested oxygen therapy.

After 35 sessions I am back to work now playing my instrument professionally.

Could not be more grateful! And I am telling everyone.”

Stroke Recovery
John C - Pitt Meadows

"Oxygen helped me tremendously in recovery from my stroke..."

Stroke Recovery
Willard O - North Vancouver

"... feel better than before my stroke."

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